High-strength steel

WBM Staalservice specialises in cutting and bending most high-strength steel grades up to 40 mm thick.

High-strength steel is the most widely used grade for steel structures where the required yield strength exceeds 355 MPa. The benefits of high-strength steel include high reliability, high yield strength and the ability to reduce weight by working with a thinner material. However, there is a greater risk of cracking and springback when working with high-strength steel. Consequently, forming operations involving high-strength steel are more complex and require greater expertise and special tooling.

These are exactly the areas where WBM Staalservice excels. As ‘thinkers in steel’, the staff at WBM contributes ideas and expertise when designing your product or structure. Due to the complex nature of the high-strength steel material, WBM offers added value in the form of advice about the design based on production feasibility tests.

Thanks to our extensive collection of machinery, including our 700, 800 and 1000 tonne press brakes, WBM Staalservice has successfully been able to specialise in cutting and bending most high-strength steel grades up to a thickness of 40 mm.

High-strength steel applications:

  • Transport equipment
  • Containers
  • Civil engineering structures
  • Pipelines

WBM processes the following steel grades:

  • Carbon steels; S235JR-S355MC-S420MC, S500MC, S700MC, S355J2+N and S690QL.
  • Stainless steel material, particularly 304 and 316 grade.
  • Various grades of aluminium including AW5754.
  • Wear-resistant and abrasion-resistant materials including Hardox, Domex and Raex.
  • Exotic materials, including C45, CrMo4, Inconel and heat-resistant stainless steel.