WBM reduces emissions by 211 tons thanks to solar panels

No less than 1264 panels and 18 km of cabling; the roof of the WBM Staalservice center factory in Stramproy, Limburg, will be completely covered with solar panels. The extensive project will generate 448,000 kilowatt hours annually and will save 211 tons of emissions. Intellisol from Maaseik in Belgium will start work at the beginning of August.

The SunPower panels are installed in both east and west orientations. In this way, the performance is maximum in the morning and evening hours. The kilowatt peak, the power that a panel can deliver under optimal conditions, is around 524000 watt peak (524 kilowatt peak). At least 62% of the generated energy is used immediately.

Inspection according to Scope 12
For Intellisol it is the largest project to date that has been delivered in the Netherlands according to the inspection standard Scope 12. Scope 12 is the inspection for solar panels, which has been compiled by the Dutch Association of Insurers together with experts from the industry. Intellisol has a lot of experience with Scope 12, because it has been used in Belgium for some time.